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Green roofs are one of the most importat tools for sustainable urban architecture, because beyond its aesthetic functions, this type of roofs show a wide range of advantages, such as the improvement of the building's energy efficiency, the extension of the roofs life, the filtering of pollutants and a good management of runoff waters.

In order to ensure a green roof will act as it should, it is essential to use high quality and advanced technology materiales. That way, not only our roof will be a long lasting and quality solution, but in the long term will end up costing us less than a conventional roof.

As a result, the waterproofing system to be used must offer the client the tranquility of knowing that he has made the right choice, and that is why the ACE by ARTCOAT® program incorporates seval pure polyurea and modified polyurea systems 

to be used in green roofs. These systems are certified and Resistant Against Root Penetration and offer an estimated useful life of 25 years a Roof Waterproofing Systems based on ETA Certificates.

ACE polyureas and polyurethanes create elastic, joint-less membranes that are totally adhered to the substrate.
Impermeabilizacion poliurea en caliente de cubierta verde/ajardinada.
Impermeabilización con poliurea de spray en caliente de cubierta irregular con torsion y pendiente.
They addapt to the most irregular shapes, regardless of the slope or torsion.
Can be transited by heavy vehicles, which allows for trucks to dump the soil for the roofs or transit for other construction works.
Impermeabilizacion con poliurea de cubierta verde ajardinada en España.
They have an right slipperiness to prevent landslides, very important when the green roofs have a slope.
They show an excellent bacteriological behaviour and aren't affected by roots or microorganisms.
Impermeabilización de cubierta ajardinada verde en Uruguay.

If you would like to receive technical advisory or more information about ACE systems, please fill the form below and one of our technicians will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can also call us on +34 985 323 328 and we will gladly answer all your questions.

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