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ACE Top Coats have been developed to offer you a wide range of finishing products for those applications that require an aliphatic finishing or an additional layer of protection against UV rays, chemical products, slipperiness... 

ART-373 is a two-component, highly elastic topcoat enamel, with outstanding adhesion to polyurea and polyurethane membranes, as well as to wood, steel, aluminium, etc.

Its special formulation is focused on getting high quality topcoats in extremely aggressive environments, both indoors and outdoors, that protect the coated surfaces from abrasion, corrosion and UV radiation.


Two-component polyurethane enamel top coat made of aliphatic isocyanates and polyester-acrilic resins that creates a tough yet flexible membrane.

It has been developed to protect ACE aromatic systems from UV radiation, aggressive environments and several chemicals, providing a long lasting protection, brightness and colour stability.


Mate aliphatil polyurethane enamel that is highly resistant to abrasion and UV radiation, that has been specifically designed for the protection of indoor and outdoor floors when anti slip finishings are required.

It is classified as Class 3 / Rd > 45 (Value 70) CTE - DDBB-SU in the slipperiness index.


Two component polyurethane system highly resistant to UV and light that shows great performance against abrasion, cleaning products and water disinfection chemicals.

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