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What are Polyureas?

Polyureas are synthetic polymers resulting from the reaction of two components, a diisocyanate and a diamine.

Processed “in situ” with high pressure hot-spraying equipment, polyurea creates within second a continuous and elastic membrane that is 100% solids (solvent free and CFC free) with excellent mechanical and chemical resistances.

Its formulation and characteristics depend on the field of application, although all systems share the following properties:

> Polyurea reacts, settles and dries up very quickly. Coated areas are ready to used or for further treatment after just a few hours.

> The reaction speed of its components makes polyurea usable within a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, and even vertical surfaces can be coated, in any thickness and in just one hand. This creates jointless, three-dimensional coatings.

> Polyurea has high thermic resistance and maintains flexibility even under low temperatures.

> Polyurea has great mechanical and chemical resistance and is stable to hydrolysis and insensitive to water.

> Polyurea acts as a electric insulator.

> Polyurea creates flexible, jointless and elastic layers that are adhered to all sorts of well prepared substrates and

> Any thickness can be obtained in just one application.

Uses of Polyurea


One of our most popular solutions is the ACE Floorings product line, which offers continuous, high-traffic resistant polyurea pavements that have great mechanical and chemical resistance as well as long-term durability, both for industrial applications subject to heave machinery transit, as well as parkings for personal and commercial use. These floors are classified as Class 3 Rd>45 (Value 70) CTE - DDBB-SU.

Pavimento industrial poliurea
pavimento estacionamiento poliurea
pavimento mineria poliurea

> When it comes to private individuals, one of the most requested solutions is the waterproofing and protection with polyurea of rooftops, terraces and balconies, both in new projects and restoration ones.

cubierta impermeabilizada poliurea

> We also offer polyurea coatings that have been specifically developed for the protection of industrial equipment and structures that are subject to corrosive environments and processes, suchs as those found in waste-water treatment plants, mining operations or structures in high seas.

tratamiento anticorrosivo poliurea
tuberia poliurea mineria
furgoneta con caja protegida recubierta poliurea
pick up camioneta con caja protegida recubrimiento poliurea
pick up camioneta con defensa protegida recubierta poliurea

> Waterproofing and restoration of swimming pools with polyurea.

piscina poliurea

> ACE polyurea systems also allow us to create clean room pavements for hospitals, supermerkets, agro-food industry...

pavimento limpio sala blanca baño poliurea
pavimento limpio sala blanca supermercado poliurea
Our Works


The ACE by ARTCOAT® catalogue includes pure polyurea systems and modified polyurea ones, and within it you will find some polyureas with great hardness, others with great elasticity, higher chemical resistance...

These systems are certified under the following standards:

  • European Technical Approval (ETA) W3.

  • Class I Resistance Against Chemical Attacks (Caustic soda, bleach, salt, engine oil and diesel) according to UNE-EN 1504-2:2005.

  • Potable water for human consumption according to UNE-EN 12873:2014.

  • Resistent to Root Penetration according to UNE-EN 13948:2008.

  • Contact with Food Products according to Directiva 2002/72/CE of the Ensayo de Migración Global.

  • Carbon Dioxide Permeability according to UNE-EN 1504-2:2005.

  • Ethanol Migration according to UNE-EN 1186-3:2002 and UNE-EN 1186-1:2002.

  • Potable Water Global Migration according to Real Decreto 866/2008 and Reglamento (UE) nº 10/2011 de la Comisión del 14 de enero de 2011.

  • Watertightness Certificate according to UNE-EN 1928:2000.

  • Static Puncture Certificate according to UNE-EN 12730:2001.

  • Seawater Ageing and Subsequent Global Migration Test according to UNE-EN 1186:2002.


As a result, we can always offer you the right polyurea system, weather you need a waterproofing solution, a high transit pavement or the protection of a structure against corrosion, wear, earthquakes, fire or explosions.

Our Polyureas


ACE Systems
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