The correct waterproofing of a roof is one of the most important tasks in construction, and that is why choosing the correct waterproofing system is vital to ensure the client's satisfaction in the long term.

ACE polyurea and polyurethane systems hold European Technical Approval as roof waterproofing systems with an estimated useful life of 25 years and can be applied in both new works as well as restoration ones.


Because of the quility and the useful life of the materials, ACE Waterproofing Systems are the most cost efficient solution in the long term.

ACE polyureas and polyurethanes create elastic, joint-less membranes that are totally adhered to the substrate.
rhabilitacion cubierta ceramica con poliura
Great adhesion to the majority of substrates (ceramic tiles, PVC, asphalt sheets...) ideal for restoration works as they don't require masonry works.
Prompt application: up to 500 m2/day can be applied, providing a lot of speed to the rest of the construction works.
impemeabilizacion con poliurea cubierta pendiente
They addapt to the most irregular shapes, regardless of the slope or torsion.
Anti-slip finishing and in any colour of the RAL Chart.
rehabilitacion cubierta poliurea



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