No matter weather you represent a business looking for a protective coating for your facilities, or a private individual looking to waterproof your home swimming pool, we offer you the most advanced systems and the most experienced professionals, so regardless of your needs, we can offer you a long-lasting solution with the utmost quality.

One of our most popular solutions is the ACE Floorings product line, which offers continuous, high-traffic resistant pavements that have great mechanical and chemical resistance as well as long-term durability, both for industrial applications subject to heave machinery transit, as well as in parkings for personal and commercial use.

Pavimento industrial poliurea
pavimento estacionamiento poliurea
pavimento mineria poliurea

Polyurea, polyurethane and polyaspartic systems also allow us to create clean room pavements for hospitals, supermerkets, agro-food industry...

We also offer coatings that have been specifically developed for the protection of industrial equipment and structures that are subject to corrosive environments and processes, such as those found in waste-water treatment plants, mining operations or structures in high seas.

When it comes to private individuals, one of the most requested solutions is the waterproofing and protection of rooftops, terraces and balconies, both in new projects and rehabilitation.

As well as repairing and waterproofing swimming pools, jacuzzis, waterparks, artificial lakes...with polyurea and polyurethane.

piscina poliurea



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