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Hand applied, liquid polyurethane systems that create continuous, elastic and fully waterproof membranes. These system's properties make them the perfect choice for all sorts of surfaces, both for new projects as well as for rehabilitations.

Hand applied, liquid waterproofing system that creates an elastomeric polyurethane membrane once it polymerizes. This membrane hardens up yielding an elastic and continuous coating in the form of an adhered layer to the substrate, capable of guaranteeing the water-tightness of the substrate and absorbing its movements.

What is a polyurethane waterproofing system??

Polyurethane waterproofing systems are hand-applied liquid products that create membranes that offer great elasticity and resistance against wearing. They also provide long-lasting stability, durability and certified water-tightness.

The versatility of MONOPUR provides the system with the possibility to be used over a wide range of surfaces and materials, making these products ideal for surfaces of any shape and form, no matter if they are round or squared, horizontal or vertical.

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